Painting and Framing the Work

After being able to scrape together a few dollars, I took my seashell oil painting to get framed. What a thrill! It is really something to see when the frame is applied and the work looks finished. 

A frame really makes the work stand out, especially if done right. And my guys do a wonderful job. They chose this off white simple frame, giving these seashells a beach feel. Very summery, and I love it!

©Dora Sislian Themelis, oil on stretched canvas, 24x30, Seashells

Here I am holding up my baby. Can you tell I am smiling behind that crazy mask thing we have to wear every place we go? Yes, I am smiling with my eyes.

I took my seashell oil painting home to show it off to my family, but soon afterwards I brought it back to the gallery to show off and possibly sell. Maybe some one will take it to a forever home.

I told the gallery guys to put it in their display window and when I pass by I will take a snap of it. 

They must have liked the idea and there it was! So nice to see it there in the window.

©Dora Sislian Themelis, oil on stretched canvas, 24x30 Seashells

Visit Barnes Gallery, 2 Nassau Boulevard, Garden City, NY if you're in the neighborhood. Take my baby home if you're so inclined. Every painting needs a nice home!