Painting Jones Beach in Winter

The opportunity came up and I took it. The repairs to my car were ready for pick up so my husband and I drove in one car to get the other, and it had to be before his workday began. Which meant we were out of the house by 6AM. Fine with me, I'm awake anyway.

On my way home I took a detour to Jones Beach and it was just what I needed.

Overcast wintery sky with the bright rays of the sun peeking out, were glittering on the ocean. Just beautiful!

If the weather was more welcoming, and if I was prepared with the proper attire, I'd have taken a walk on the boardwalk. Yes, I took photos. 

Jones Beach Field 6

And windy! March weather is brisk here on Long Island, NY. But I was determined to paint these scenes, so I was happy to get such dramatic photographs.

©DoraSislianThemelis 8x10, gouache on paper

While I waited for another artwork I was working on to dry, I took out the gouache paints and these photos of Jones Beach Field 6 near the boardwalk. Like I said, a dramatic scene, all moody.

©DoraSislianThemelis 10x8, gouache on paper

Two different photographs, two different scenes, two different color schemes, same dramatic views. 

What a wonderful day, that could lead to a couple of wonderful painting sessions.