The Beach, the Virus, and Gouache

Luckily the beaches in our area of Long Island, New York, are a quick drive away. Since the virus time we've stayed home, safe, in our little cocoon. However, the beach in summertime always beckons.

Summer on Long Island is synonymous with the Atlantic ocean, Long Island Sound, or the North and South Forks. We opted for sort of nearby, a drive of approximately 45 minutes. The trick was to get to this beach early enough to be let in. Due to the pandemic's protocols of half occupancy, beachgoers were being turned away before noon.

Not good.

Our solution was to wake before dawn, drive out with no traffic, get to our destination earlier than anyone else, there was no parking fee, and try to relax. Distancing, masks, no concessions, was the order of every visit. It wasn't very relaxing, only doable.

I brought art supplies, thinking I might need the mindfulness of painting the scenery. Some days I just took photographs to paint from in the studio later on. 

Painting on site was a good thing and I was glad I had my supplies, rather than wishing I had remembered them. 

Gouache on this tan paper was surprisingly refreshing. I really enjoy the velvety texture of the gouache as I worked. A little pencil sketch of the scene first, then in with color. 

Happy with my process, and the product, I could settle myself easier. 

What a relief in this crazy time.