Art Finds a Forever Home

©Dora Sislian Themelis, watercolor and gouache small work

It's exciting when someone is interested in an artist's work enough to purchase something we made. The images we express in paint onto a surface is our step out into the world from our other-worldliness. That's how I feel anyway.

The fact that someone outside of ourselves connects with our energy is deep. I know how I feel about what I create, it's another thing to see that in some one else.

After I painted the cookbook artwork I had many contacts with people who enjoyed seeing my paintings. One person asked about sizes and prices, how to purchase the cookbook painting. Since that wasn't available we had a conversation about different pieces, what she was drawn to, and how affordable some work was. It was a lovely discussion and I thought that was the end of it.

She inspired me to paint something larger than the small gouache studies I had done, so I went ahead and did a Greek island scene in watercolor. It wasn't what she wanted, I guessed.

Surprisingly, she sent me a message: Could she purchase these three 6x8 paintings she saw on my Instagram account? Yes, of course! We agreed on pricing, shipping, and off I sent my babies to their new forever home!

The top scene is of Crete, the boats in the bay is from Hydra, and the fishing boat with netting is our Greek island home of Patmos. I just love the deep blue against that shiny white!

Next week these paintings should arrive at their destination. I can't wait to see them all framed and hanging in their new home.


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