Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finished Work!

Finished products are amazing things, let me tell you. Some how the work gets done as I am in that hazy fog of creativity. Then I blink and Voila! finished products. It’s hard to explain, but, there you have it.
Two finished paintings, another started, and two finished jewelry pieces are the result of that working haze. You already saw the finally finished work in a previous post. The second piece is a smaller work I started and finished immediately before I moved onto the painting I was avoiding. It helped to have one work done to spur me on...


  1. Dora-
    I always like it when I see that other artists have unfinished works that they avoid- like me. Always projects in various levels of completion- that artist A.D.D. Congrats on completion!

    1. Oh yes, been avoiding finishing this one work, but finally got over it. Today I'm procrastinating! Moving to a website/blog has kept me in Resistance mode. If you click on the link it'll take you there, if you like of course! Thanks for commenting, and hope you are well!


The Latest Work With Permission

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