Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Decision Equals Commitment

Information sometimes comes at the wrong time. The brain is not ready to accept certain ideas, facts, data and the like. However, the information presented is digested and the time eventually comes when we need to make a decision. The decision, then, becomes our responsibility. Decisions lead to action.

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Recently I had a choice to make on another online program. Take the course, or don't take the course. The course would have been beneficial in that I would not learn anything business-wise any where else, given the fact that I am not going back to school. Please, not at this stage in the game, and not for business.

The deciding factor was finances. This course was pricey. Okay, I would learn things I didn't know, but the question hung on me: Would the cost translate into actionable usage? Would it benefit me in ways I would see in concrete form. Or, would it benefit me in time, with more help, needing more learning? I just couldn't justify the price at this point. With plenty of other ways of getting information at my fingertips right now, I passed on the course. Next time around I'll rethink it.

Someone would be making money, not necessarily me. For now I'll just Google whatever I need to know.

But the course presenter sent out a free and informative video workshop with good thoughts on moving ahead and making things happen. A big take away for me was the idea that we need to make a decision first, and that decision, what ever it might be, is a commitment. Once we make a commitment, we take action.

"Once we take action, the Universe bends to support you," the presenter emphasized. That statement struck me, reminding me of the book I read a while ago The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles, from 1908, I think.

I get that. Making decisions is like saying there's no B.S. now, you've got to get things done. Take charge. Act. Be a doer. Push it. Do it.

Having made the decision to move the blog, I've taken action and responsibility. When it's ready I will send you over there to take a look, but not until I figure it out with "Mr. Google."

Making the commitment was the easy part. Kicking out Mr. Resistance is the hard part.

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