Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Resistance Likes Painting, Not Knitting

The thing about resistance is that it has a life of it's own. Mr. Resistance is not a nice entity and can waylay one's ambitions just as surely as the sun rising and setting each day. 

In other words, it/he/whatever is powerful. And some days it's just easier to let resistance have it's way.

The Big Rib Cowl

However, knitting is happening here. Lots of knitting these quick big knits have been flying off my needles. That Mr. Resistance just likes painting right now, I guess.

Last week I participated in another shopping event. I brought the same wares: paintings, notecards of paintings, jewelry, and hand knitting. Everyone was very positive about all of my work. I met some very interesting people and had some wonderful conversations. One baby bracelet sold the whole night.

Most of us vendors enjoy meeting each other, looking at our wares, and doing some shopping ourselves! It's a nice evening out. Even nicer if pieces sell. Overall, it's good exposure, good practice speaking about my work, and the work gets out there in public.

But these cowls I've been knitting have become a popular item. I've sold quite a few so far.

Right away the colors are strong, just how I like it. The pattern is big. I like that too. There's a little sparkle. Also nice.

So, okay, maybe the paintings aren't moving as well as the knitting, and some jewelry designs. But the plus side is that if I sell some knitting I get to buy art supplies.

I should only paint.

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