Monday, January 7, 2013

Knitting Until I'm Dizzy

Even though I haven't returned to the painting I was working on when the hurricane hit, I have been very busy. So busy that I think I'm giving my hands carpal tunnel syndrome. 

I have been knitting my brains out. 

Knitting WIPs (Works In Progress)

Knitting Christmas gifts. Knitting to sell at the holiday shopping event. Knitting the Christmas gift after Christmas. Knitting items to sell at the next shopping event in February. Knitting, Knitting, Knitting!

I'd really like to show you the finished products, but Artist ADD me forgot to take photos of the items before gifting/selling them. 
  1. Here's what you see in this photo of some WIP on the needles and yarn of items already finished: Luscious purple yarn on the needles is a big rib chunky cowl thing I dreamed up. It's similar to the reddish knit above it, but bigger and with sparkly sequins. I gave a couple as gifts to family members and sold quite a few too. It's a great look with a hint of glam.
  2. Chocolate brown yarn with multi-colored flecks is a crochet work, an afghan I promised Son #2. With no time to finish it by Christmas, I just gave him a gift bag with the yarn in it. Of course, he looked at me as if I had two heads when he opened his "gift". 
  3. The two balls of yarn on the lower left are samples of big rib cowls already knit, and waiting for their turn on the needles.
There you have it. 

My habit is to paint/jewelry/house stuff during the working day, and knit at night in my cozy corner in the living room while The Mr. flips channels on the television. Perfect.

I have to learn to put away the knitting during the day. Just get it out of my sight because I could be lured to knit when I have other work to do. Not good. I could lose hours of precious painting time that way. 

And it seems as if I already have.

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