Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doing, to Move On

In this new year of goals and objectives, I may be changing it up some. Maybe not completely. Not in my work, but in my approach to work. 

In earlier posts I told you how I don't do resolutions. I feel better about meeting a goal, but I ran across something someone else wrote and it changed my thinking. That person discussed setting aside resolutions, goals, etc, for Doing. 

"Doing" makes sense.

In Progress Work ©Dora Sislian Themelis

Now, I could be a big Not Doing person when I'm on a roll. I'm sure you must have guessed that by now, how I let Mr. Resistance take up residence here and mess up my mojo.

It's been a dilemma lately. My flow gets disrupted by whatever and I'm doomed.

So, when I read that Doing might be better than a goal it felt right. Doing, instead of Goals. Doing connotes Action in my mind. Maybe Action is also a good word.

In that context, here is my first "Action" in this year of "Doing". I may have decided I can no longer continue on this watercolor painting I stopped working when the hurricane hit Long Island. It's a possibility that I've been holding off because, in my mind, it's done.

Although, if I look at it too much longer I might want to add some brush strokes, but then again, maybe I'm over it.

Doing has to also mean Move On.

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