Monday, December 3, 2012

A Holiday Shopping Event

The holiday shopping event was interesting. It was organized by a women's imaging office in my area and if you can think of the warren of rooms in a medical office with a reception/waiting room and narrow hallways with little consultation rooms, that's where this took place.

I might have been the only person with really handmade items. Other vendors had plenty of merchandise to offer, mostly mass produced jewelry and accessory items. 

My corner was next to a couple of book authors in the consultation room. 

Eventually I filled the wall with artwork next to my table. Otherwise it would have been hard to show paintings sitting flat. Anyway, I did the best I could with the space I had.

The people were lovely, giving great comments and compliments on my work. Most of them asked if the paintings were made by hand. Huh?

I'm not sure if they thought they were photos or what, but they were surprised to learn that, yes, I actually used a brush and paint to make the work. Oy.

And I actually used needles and yarn to make the knit items. And I actually used tools to string or wire the jewelry. Geez.

Yeah, I did make all that.


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