Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where Inspiration Comes From

All this web based business stuff is giving me a big headache. It's hard enough to keep pushing away resistance, and now I've made life tougher by trying to decide on my next cyber move: Paid web hosting vs free hosting. I played around with the free site thing and have concluded I might as well use the more professional looking paid site because free is just as much work. I'm websited out.

Can't I get a break and just paint?  I did start another painting though, and even had a second session. Working the next watercolor work on large paper, with a large brush, is having a calming effect.

And if you want to have a good laugh, guess where my inspiration to get down to work came from? It didn't come from the obvious source: reading The War of Art. 

A two year old's work and my sketch of her while she paints

To be perfectly honest, it came from watching my 2 year old granddaughter paint. That kid is funny. She demands the "colors" and I have to oblige. I've shown her how to dip her brush in water, then on the watercolor cake I had from years ago, then to the paper. She's a pro now, and paints with such abandon, it's infectious. I love it! 

Next painting

Session 2
This was such a productive day. Two different sessions of working and I was trying some new ideas in applying the paint. While the work was drying I was on such a roll that I made two bracelets at  my work table. Thanks to my grandbaby, the real artist.

When the motivation is there, and the brain works it's a good thing, as long as it doesn't blow up, like computers.

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