Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Dilemma

It never fails to amaze me how I can do such a good job of Not working. Just amazing. I thought for sure I'd get something done the last couple of days. Did I? I did not. Slacker. 

I sure do talk a good one, though, don't I?

Shells ©2012 Dora Sislian Themelis
Watercolor on Arches

Maybe Julia Cameron was right? In her book The Artist's Way, she says Don't Read. You know what happens when the brain hears the words "don't read"? The brain doesn't hear it the way we think it will. The brain hears only the word 'read' totally ignoring the 'don't' part.

And what happens? I end up reading everything I get my hands on.

The moral of the story is reading leads to Not Working. Did you get that? I'm doing all kinds of reading: newspapers, email, blogs, junk, among the how to break through resistance. Isn't that nice? Reading about moving past resistance, instead of just moving past resistance.

It's a dilemma.

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