Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Butterflies

As I was writing the Morning Pages in my backyard garden, trying to figure out why inspiration has been fleeting this summer, I noticed a lot of things flying around. Hoping they weren't some scary buzzing things, I sneaked a peek at the shadows.

What do you think? More than six butterflies were fluttering around my garden and on the butterfly bush. Yes, I guess the name of the flowering thing fits. They were all over it.

I grabbed my camera, and tried to get close not to disturb them, so I could take some shots. It was hard to show just how many of them there were between the foliage and the sunlight. 

It was early in the morning, my favorite time of day. Quiet, with the sun sending out it's rays and warming the air, glistening the moisture on the flowers. 

No kids yelling, no lawn mowers, no construction guys, garbage men. Just butterflies. 



  1. What a lovely time to just sit and photograph these butterflies, great photos.


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