Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Moment of Zen

The last few days have been cloudy, promising rain at every moment. Those overcast skies were playing games with my head, making me lose my motivation. Yes, I go to the studio each day expecting to work only to find myself staring at my workspace, willing the paints and brushes to do something.

That just didn't work. 

Then I decided to clean up, throw out, organize. The activity sent me to arrange beads into new jewelry pieces. Not a total loss, however, not painting either.

Feeling the need to get away from myself yesterday, I went into the garden. I got out my shovel to rearrange the annuals and the hostas. I enlarged the beds, and watered it all when I was finished. The climbing roses needed trimming and I snipped some blossoms for my patio table.

My moment, my zen
This morning as I sat outside at the table to write the Morning Pages and finish my coffee, I admired the pretty roses. A breeze came through carrying their wonderful scent to me and it was heavenly. A moment of quiet aroma filled zen, I thought to myself.

Thanks. I needed that.


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