Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Kind of Wordless on Wednesday

Dodging Mr. Resistance isn't easy so I try to hide out, but once in a while he finds me and aims his barbs when I peek over my shoulder. 

If I'm not careful motivation is out the window and that's that with that.

Since reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, I am well aware of resistance and learned a few tricks to beat it quickly.

One of those tricks is to keep moving any way I possibly can. Either I can clean up the studio, doodle with my granddaughter's crayons, dig in the garden, or whip out the camera. Something mindless usually works. 

In between paintings, thinking things, and hunting for inspiration, I headed out into the garden. 

A garden visitor

Looking for painting subjects in those old photographs allowed a chink for resistance to slip in. Bad move.

Out in the garden to follow the butterflies with my camera helped put a stop to that.

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