Friday, June 1, 2012

Photos for Friday of Craziness

When I recovered my brain last night, I remembered to take a couple of photos of the insanity in the Greek festival flea market just after we opened the doors.

I know it doesn't look so busy from these pictures, but I can assure you it was madness. At 6:01 PM we opened up after hearing the clamor of the long line of people just outside. So okay, we were one minute late opening up! Keep your shirt on!

As I welcomed the shoppers, who were giddy with delight, they rushed in like the tide on the beach-whooshhh.

The craziness has hit it's stride.


  1. It looks really good, I would have loved a rummage through and would have been bound to buy something I didn't

  2. Ann, some people said the same thing, they didn't need it. Some of those people had filled a bag up past the brim with stuff on the last day when we had our $5 Bag Sale! People are so funny.


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