Friday, June 8, 2012

Photos for Friday in the Garden

My inspiration today is Monet's amazing garden. Mine isn't close to his, but I'm working on it.

The New York Botanical Garden is holding a wonderful exhibition of Monet's paintings with a replica of his house and garden in Giverny, France, and I must go see it. It's the closest I will get any time soon of being in his actual garden. And, from what I've learned, the garden will change with the seasons. Amazing!

Claude MonetReflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond, c. 1920, 200 × 1,276 cm (78.74 × 502.36 in), oil on canvasMuseum of Modern ArtNew York City
(Creative Commons License Wikipedia)

Hit the link for more information, directions, and tickets. Yes, you have to purchase a ticket! For a specific day and time! Now I find that annoying. I like to just decide one day and go. But, no, now I have to buy a ticket.

I need more color in my own garden. More flowers, more colors, different heights, maybe more rocks, or statues. Some flowers need moving around for better sun exposure. The peonies are leaning toward the sun.

Looks like I have work to do. Yeah, more to-do's on the list.


  1. Gorgeous! Monet is my favorite artist of all time! When I lived in Raleigh, NC the museum there had a Monet. When I moved I stopped on the way out of town (moving truck and all) and said goodbye to it. I was very sad that I would never see it again. So much beauty! I reached out and touched it!! The guard asked, "Did you just touch that? I, of course said, "No". But since I left right after nothing happened to me, lol.

    1. Haha! In NY you can't even just get a little closer to see the brush strokes the way I like to do! I would also have to say goodbye just like you did.


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