Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Mantra: It's the Process

So here we are, back at the easel, er desk. Yes, I'm painting flat, on my table with the watercolors. Some people use an easel, but not me. I can't risk applying paints to have them run down the work. I have enough stress.

Landscapes are not usually my "thing." Working on this latest landscape might give me more reason to ditch the idea. Don't worry. I will wait until I'm finished with this.

New landscape of Greece

Since I took this photograph, I went back and removed some color from the water area. It's a nice, little scene. Okay, my mantra is this: Process, process. Try to remember that it's the process that counts.

Twenty minutes working on this and I have to run away from it.

The good thing? I cleared up enough of my morning to work in the studio before I do the errands for the day. This is a major accomplishment. As it is, I wake early and get moving, so it is possible to work first, run later.

The bad thing? I tire early and lose the afternoon/evening hours.

Remember: Process!


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