Monday, June 25, 2012

Daydreaming Again

Deciding on the next painting, I settled on daydreaming about traveling. Greece this year is not a possibility, nor is anything else for that matter. But daydream? That I can do.

Some of my paintings of Greek themes had a very good response at that art event I participated in so I thought I would revisit my photos of our trips. I tested out a small sized watercolor block just to see how I felt about the colors I would be using.


I dropped in color after flooding the paper with water, outlining the major areas that need work. After it dries I'll go back in and add more color and detail.

Good thing this was too wet to work at because I am notorious for pushing it too far when I shouldn't, then tossing it as a goner. Not even twenty minutes in and I had to stop.

Will it make the thumbs up pile? We will see.

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