Monday, May 7, 2012

Thankful for Finished Work

Every once in a while I think we have to stand back, take a break, and just do nothing. When there's too much going on it seems to me the only way I can move ahead is to stand still. The craziness of the last event had me standing still a little longer than I would have liked. Things eventually work out.

The latest watercolor painting I started working on was waiting patiently to be finished while my brain rewired itself. There it was, sitting on my desk, waiting. I waved hello and got to work. Patience pays off in the end, and it is finished, finally. 

I don't know what the big deal was, it's a small piece after all, but brain cells were missing, having gone AWOL. When they returned, so did the motivation. 

Big Tomato ©2012 Dora Sislian Themlis
9x12 Watercolor, Arches cold press 140lb

Waiting to continue..
And there you have it.  I worked on it until I decided I'd had enough of it. Maybe an hour to get it where I thought it should go and then I dropped it like it was HOT.

The thing is it's finished.


  1. And oh... it's lovely! So summery and fresh! Well done for persevering! Hummm think I must have a big tomato salad for lunch today...!

    1. Thanks, Ann! It's nice to know I can motivate someone else with my work! Haha!

  2. Jenny, I'm really enjoying using a lot of strong colors!


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