Friday, May 25, 2012

Finished, and Unfinished on Friday

Now that my excitement of the art event has died down I can get myself back to the real world and work. 

Recently I downloaded this fun painting application to my iPad called Artrage. It allows you to paint a virtual painting in any medium, with any type of tool you desire. 

While investigating this app I found out there was a stylus coming out for sale that can be used as a paint brush, called Sensu. As soon as it was available I ordered it and it's wonderful. I love it.

Pillow on Chair ©2012 Dora Sislian Themelis
Oil on canvas with Artrage app on iPad
using Sensu brush stylus
I painted a work using the Artrage program before I received the brush stylus, using my finger to manipulate the paint. Now I can actually paint in oils with no clean up! Great tools.

New work- real watercolor on real paper!
Take a look at a real, live watercolor painting I'm working on. If I could get myself away from painting on the iPad, maybe I can finish this latest work and move on.

Technology is a an amazing thing. Now let's get back to the easel, shall we?


  1. Beautiful! I haven't purchased a painting app yet, but I downloaded a sketch/drawing program on my Toshiba Thrive, and I became addicted to sketching on it that I forgot to do my traditional work for a couple weeks...haha

    1. Kae, it's totally absorbing. When I start, I can't stop!


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