Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Abstract Artrage

Artists come in all shapes and sizes. What I mean by that is some of us paint in oils, some in watercolors, or pastels. Some of us are realists, impressionists, abstract artists, or use digital means to convey our imagination creatively. 

I'm not really sure where my style falls. It's somewhere in the impressionist style, if I had to guess. Shapes and colors, darks and highlights grab my attention. Somewhere in there I need to look at real objects and find the beauty in that. 

In the past I have painted in a super-real style, then I would go  minimalist and paint with few colors  like alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and add black or white. It's all good, working the process.

Through the cyber grapevine I recently heard about an application for iPad called Artrage. It sounded like something I would like to use. Think about it, all the fun/work without the clean up. Nice.

For a small fee I downloaded it to my device and started right away at an oil painting using my finger as the brush. I think most of you know that's how you use iPad anyway, there is no stylus. Let me tell you how great it felt to throw these colors on the make believe canvas! You can even mix and smudge the paint. It's a great app. 

Now I find out there is a brush-like stylus that's just been developed to use on iPad as a paint brush and even a drawing tool, called Sensu. When this tool comes out I am definitely buying it. I can't wait.

Abstract Artrage ©2012 Dora Sislian Themelis
Digital oil on canvas for iPad

So here is my first digital oil painting using my finger on the iPad. How realistic can I get painting on iPad? I have no idea until I purchase and use that stylus. This is a great diversion without the set-up and clean up.

It should be interesting.

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