Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo for Friday on Saturday of Stuff

Yes, I know, I missed Friday. Too busy, too many things going on, too much to catch up with this week. The house, the errands, the food shopping, the cooking, the eating, you know the drill.

And what about the painting? Well, painting is on the top of the list, remember? Don't worry, I made it to the studio for some time with the latest work. I'm not ready to post it just yet.

At the last minute I decided to take the next online art business class by Alyson Stanfield, Go! Get Organized. This is going to be a rough one to tackle.

We're going to learn how to organized our stuff, and boy do most of us have plenty of stuff! Between the rest of the house, the art studio and the office space are full of some kind of stuff. Where does all the stuff come from? And every time I clean it out, donate, throw away, there's still stuff.

So yeah, trying to get organized. I read somewhere that you cannot organize clutter, it has to go out.
But some clutter is stuff we need, it just doesn't have a home to live. That's what my aim is, to find certain stuff a home. Ugh.

In this early lesson, Alyson said to take a photograph of our office space. Hopefully it's not in the art studio and she suggests we find a separate space for the business stuff.

Here is mine, messy as it is.

It's not in the art studio, thankfully, or I'd never get any painting done. Talk about distractions! It's not an organized mess either. I don't know what that stuff is until I get a look at it. Folders, paid bills, junk needing shredding, and what ever. My computer also has stuff that needs ditching.

I wasn't going to take this course so soon after finishing up the other two, but man, I need some direction over here.

The weekend will be busy. Too busy to catch up, which leads me to Monday. Ah, Monday. My day of rest, sort of.


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