Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Painting, Process is #1

The relative lull of the after dinner hour has been holding some powerful stuff lately. What is it about this time of my day that I've been able to do some good work? Forget about the product. The process seems to have great momentum in this evening hour.

Let me just say up front, I am a morning person. I am wide eyed awake at 6AM most mornings, but that doesn't mean I can work on painting at that time. Nope, the early morning is for coffee, the newspaper, and the Morning Pages, in that order too.

I plan my day after these things are finished. First thing on my list is painting. Again, that doesn't mean painting happens first. It's listed first and it usually happens later, after the house is in order and any running around I might need to do is done.

Yes, painting is on the list, baby. Every single day.

Okay, so I get to it after lunch, so what? I am grateful to the muse who makes me list it #1, because if that didn't happen, painting might not happen at all.

So life must be in order for the muse to visit me in my studio that day. Just like a Virgo, right?

Green Pepper ©2012 Dora Sislian Themelis
9x12 Watercolor, Arches cold press paper
I cropped another section of a larger photograph to make this painting. If I have any idea of getting some quick work done, it's going to have to be a smaller piece. For right now this is working for me. It's not twenty minutes, but rather almost an hour's worth of work. Even possibly an hour. When I start working I lose track of the time unless I've set my timer. An hour sounds right this time.

The different colors next to each other are very interesting to me. I love the tumble of shapes. Okay, so they're vegetables and fruits, there's color, dark against light, everything I feel good working with.

The paper is great, the paints are delicious, and I'm painting. What else is there?

Process, baby. Just the process!


  1. Beautiful, Dora- love the colors! I am trying to get back to daily painting, for now it seems to be more like a time or two a week and that isn't enough!

  2. Sheryl, set a timer for twenty minutes and see what happens!


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