Friday, March 2, 2012

Forgot Photo for Friday, Almost

This time I blew my week. There's something in the air that is going around and people are catching it. Except me. I get to have the worst allergic sinus headache I ever had. So debilitating I thought it was a virus. No, my allergist said, it was an allergy reaction. Oh great. 

So, yeah. Blew painting, blew the class, blew it all. All because of allergies. Massive, nausea producing headache. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. 

Ok, can we move past it now? Please? Yes, let's look at what I did Monday afternoon before my blowout.

I chose another photograph of the famous veggie haul days. This one had a sunflower poking in. I am so grateful to the Universe for telling me to take photos of the colorful produce. Great color and shapes. Still working in watercolor and using the large Canson paper I have, I sketched the subjects and put down color.

I had an idea while working on this, to sketch in paint. Similar to how I was painting smaller 20 minute works, more color on the brush than water. I don't know how well this idea will pan out, but it's an idea.

It's annoying because I was on a roll up until the end of last week with the Daytona 500 thing. Monday I worked all afternoon and woke up Tuesday miserable. Hello! I'm on a schedule here! 100 paintings are not going to paint themselves!

Time to regroup. I've fallen behind in everything, but I'm getting up. You'll see!


  1. this painting is beautiful,its so loose and delicate.
    I know all about allergic head aches, I have allergies and sensitivities that try to rule my life.I wish there were some answers, it sucks for sure.I can only visit my kids for an hour at time, because they have animals, if I get stuck in the elevstor with someone with strong perfume I get very ill, or cleaners, well you probably are the same.My heart goes out to you it really does.

  2. Thanks for commenting Laurie. I think my allergies are changing in that I used to be sensitive all year round, but now it's less however the attacks are more severe when they do happen. Still annoying.


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