Monday, March 5, 2012

Determined Painting Day

Since I blew last weekend, and my week, there was no way I was going to allow myself to blow this weekend too. Painting was going to happen no matter what. And painting is what I did. 

A free Sunday without distractions is what I desperately needed to paint and get up to speed with the online class. As soon as The Mr. left the house, and Son#2, I went to the studio to get the painting going. 

Take a look at my progress. There's something about taking a photograph of my work that helps me step back and see it better. I was determined to finish this today. Working around the painting, I moved from the wet areas to dry spots to keep going. And I took a lunch break, and a quick break to read over my class lessons. Plenty of time for the work to dry.

Let me show you where I'm working. My little basement studio has a window at least. The lousy light still isn't fixed, but I have my desk lamp for light. I had to aim the beam up to keep the glare off my wet painting. Oh, what we do for art!

Here's another view of the lamp and my desk. Since I made some revisions in the room it's much more comfortable to work in.

Stay tuned for F.P. to come. Uh, Finished Product, that is.

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