Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy, Quiet, Painting

The past week was a busy one. Too much going on, and I like it quiet. But if you need to get stuff done, there's no way around it.

We needed a roof. And while we were at it, they replaced the roof of our patio too. Everything was leaking. These guys brought amazing tools like this remote controlled crane thing. If  you look at the photo, the worker is controlling the crane with a little gadget to get the roofing materials up on the roof. Amazing.

There goes the old roof. Hello sunshine! It didn't last long before they covered this up with materials, but now there are skylights.

I watched them work as long as I could, then I made my way to the studio to decide my next work. I'm not so sure I like this choice, but it will have to work for now. There's plenty of thinking going on before I paint. I'm thinking I like peaches better than eggs. 

There are blueberries in this view too. Not thrilled about painting more of those little things. My brain keeps telling me Get over it and just paint! 

Yes, sir.


  1. that is a cool machine, always good to have a new roof!
    I really enjoy your produce paintings.

  2. Yes Laurie, water in my living room is not a good thing!

  3. This watercolor is off to a wonderful start! I see you feel the same about blueberries as I do about grapes- there is always one more to paint. Hope you are back to being under a roof!

    1. Sheryl, the roof is finally done! Now on to those nasty blueberries!


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