Monday, February 27, 2012

What People Think I Do

Blew my weekend. There was no time for me, my paints, my studio, the jewelry,or the latest pair of hand knit socks on the needles. So I got nothing! Pardon my New York English.

Around here we don't do the Superbowl Sunday thing. We do the Daytona 500! Vrrrrooooommmm! And guess who does our catering? Yeah, you guessed it. Me. I've been shopping and cooking, shaking and baking. Well, not really, but I did enough.

(And the dopey race was rained out! We had the party without the race. Oh well, there was still the Oscars.)

Inviting people over means you have to straighten up your place, and have food and drink. At my house The Mr. invites and then calls the caterer, me.

Artwork had to wait while I did my catering gig. I'm calling it a gig because hosting company is a JOB. Not to mention all the others things I do around here.

House stuff is a JOB, full time, full on, all day. Add a gathering and it's all that plus. Exhausting.

But what about my ART job? What do people think I am doing here?

I'll tell you what I'm NOT doing. I'm not sitting on my couch watching television throwing chocolates in my mouth. I'm so busy that if I was working outside the house I'd be doing two jobs. I was home with the kids because my trusted family members were all working. The Mr. has a business and I help out from there and from the home computer. And now the sheer delight of my week, The Princess.

But I work the art business into the day.

On facebook I found this funny meme thing that's been going around..

This guy Garnet Hertz, created this and it cracks me up. This is for and about artists and it's so true what people think we are doing.  I love it.

Someone has to come up with one for women who are at home holding up the household. 


  1. When I was painting to supplement our income, I used to hear other women (even friends) say, "Oh, you're at home all the're can go to lunch...I work." Little did they know that I was up before them doing my artwork before the family got up and then many days late into the night, while they were sleeping. Sure I could schedule an occasional lunch out or grocery shopping, but that work was always waiting for me at home.I felt that I put in more hours than the average woman outside the home. I loved what I was doing and it was so worth it.

  2. I totally get that Balisha. I am so busy here I can't fit in my day all the things I have to do. And I can't get to the art unless I know the house stuff is done.

  3. I am the same way...I spend so much time tidying the place, so I can get to work. We don't realize how much time we spend on making a neat work environment. So many distractions too, when you work at home. I know some artists who can work in a complete mess and paint some beautiful things.I guess we must have different mind sets.

  4. So so so true! It irritates me to no end that there is no respect for the JOB unless it is outside the home and comes with a weekly or biweekly pay check.
    Great post.
    Dropped by from Alyon's CC class to say hello and if you want to ask me my thoughts on weebly please do so any time. Simply email me at colmitchellart at gmail dot com.

  5. Thanks so much for dropping in here to comment Col! This website stuff is stopping me in my tracks.


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