Monday, February 20, 2012

Planning Works Wonders

Now for more color..

Hip hopping on the process, baby! Just coasting on this latest watercolor and having such a good time I hope I keep going. Better not crash land, or it will be a bad thing.

Friday was a lovely day here in New York, for February. When do you get 52F in February? If the weather stays like this (which it probably won't) I will be happy. Last year this time we were over our heads in snow with no where to put a shovel full.

Plan in hand, I went over my to-do list. At #1 was Painting. I drew a line underneath that and wrote out the rest of my list. As I finished each one I crossed it off. House neat? Done. Read emails all dressed and ready, instead of in pajamas? Done. Online class? Done. Out the door!

Errands checked off as I continued with painting in my head. Made it home before noon. Set up my iPad, got my lunch, read my snail mail and email, then off to the studio.

I will mention one item on my gratitude list for today: I can see the sunny day out my basement studio window. That helps.

With the painting ready and waiting I got to work, adding more color, defining other areas, trying out how to work all those berries. Now I need another tube of paint I ran out of so I marked it on my list.

Honestly, I don't know how long I worked on this. Before I knew it the day was gone and it was late in the afternoon.

Heaven is a quiet day of work. Process!


  1. Glad to see your progress with this painting..also notice you put some tonal value in first to set the veg/fruits in place first..nice.

  2. Yes, I dropped in some color as a guide. Too many little berries. I am working hard on getting this finished Ann. There are other things I want to paint!

  3. oil painting is my favorite one I have great desire to learn painting from you buy I am so so for from you.....
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    1. Michael, maybe if you keep reading how I work you will get an idea how to do your own painting!

  4. Hi,Donna,
    Your painting are ongoing. Nice! (looks yammy). Take it easy. Have fun in work.

  5. Sadami, I am having a good time! Thank you!


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