Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Humming Along on the Next Painting, Wow

Next up!
As I await my new invitation to participate in the 100 Paintings Challenge, and the next online course Cultivate Collectors to begin, I started another work. Gee, I am humming along, aren't I?

When I took all those photographs of my veggie haul I wasn't thrilled with most of them. I even had a few I didn't bother printing out. This photo was one of those I had no intention of painting from. Well, lookie here. Guess I was wrong.

Finally using my brain, I sketched this out over the weekend to be prepared for the sessions to begin during the week. Smart cookie.

I was so excited to paint that I thought about it before I fell asleep, each time I woke during the night (which was alot) and it was the first thing when I got up to start my day. It's great to have that motivation going.

The plan of attack was running in my head. Where was I going to start? How would I treat the areas that seemed to flow together? Which colors was I mixing to give the work the feeling I was after?

Plenty of questions, and I hope I have some good answers.

While my granddaughter napped, I ran to the studio and put down some color.  I thought I might try to keep a light hand on this one. I'm not sure where it's going to go, but it's a beginning.


  1. It's so good to get a great head start on a painting....it takes me ages to work it out in my head first, during and after!

    1. I paint in my head so much, but I'm trying to get it out of there and onto the paper!

  2. Wow Dora - you're zipping right along!
    Love seeing you so motivated to paint - and the results are looking good! xx

    1. Pat, I think the class I took is helping me clear myself and work instead of doing everything but work. Thanks for the pat on the back!

  3. Looking good so far, Dora! Great start, and it sounds like you have really got a plan of attack!


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