Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolve to Reach Goals in the New Year

The new year is well under way now. What do we think of resolutions? Do you make resolutions for the new year? Are they possible to keep anyway?

Some people love making resolutions, mostly in the form of losing weight or exercising more, things which we all should be conscious of anyway. I am not a fan of resolutions. Maybe a better word to use is "goals." Now I can get behind something that feels like I can reach for and attain it.

But don't we need to RESOLVE to find a way to reach our GOALS? Maybe that's a better suggestion. It makes me think of my process, as in HOW will I reach my goal? With what trick will I help myself move forward?

My brain hurts from all the thinking.

Last year I decided to try painting 100 paintings in the year with the goal of developing a painting habit, building a current body of work, and testing my skills in watercolor paints. I am at painting #44 in the challenge, not anywhere near 100 works. Okay, so I started the challenge a couple of months into the year. If I'm going to get there I need to step it up, pronto.

This year's goals are much the same as last year: Keep working at it. Push the process. Stay in the moment. Plan. Prepare. Paint. Cruise.

Hour by hour, day by day is the best I can hope to do. If I push myself too hard I end up backward into the wall. I want to gently guide my inner-child-artist forward. Paint almost every day, remember to take a short weekly Artist Date, keep calm and stop whining about not having enough time for everything.

There's plenty of time, and no time like the present. And time will march on without us if we let it.


  1. Hi.... thought I'd wander over for a visit as I've resolved yet again to work on the 100 paintings challenge for 2012 like you. So we'll be traveling along the path together. Just keep at it as best you can!!

  2. Hi Claire, I finally took a look at when I started the challenge and I see I have only January to meet the 100 paintings. Not alot of time! Yikes!


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