Monday, January 30, 2012

The Finish Line, or Not

I spent the weekend in reflection. January 31 was my first post to the 100 Paintings Challenge. A year ago I found out I could paint finished work in twenty minutes and I would post my paintings to the Twenty Minute Challenge. That's where I found out about 100 Paintings.

Well, I will not make it to the required 100 pieces of art in this year. There is always next year to try my best. What else can I say? As of today I painted 56 watercolor paintings, with a few pen and ink drawings thrown in that mix to keep at it.

In my opinion, I accomplished plenty. As I said in another post, I am good for another go. See what happens this time.

Yesterday I went into the studio to survey my space. What is it that keeps me from doing better work there than at the dining room table? For one thing, the dining room table is lower than my drawing board allowing me to stand while I paint. I can move around, look at my work from a distance, keep some energy going. The drawing board is high and I can't get away from it. Need to change it.

The dining room table has great north facing light, the studio is in the basement. Can't do much about that, but make sure I have good light in the studio.

Most paintings took twenty minutes or so to complete. The larger works took a couple of days of work, and then I was a slacker some days. And I was working in the dining room because I needed to be near my granddaughter while she napped. A year later she's not napping much, so there goes that.

Then I was also battling with Mr. Resistance. It's been easier to beat the demon after all the work I've been doing since the Artist's Way, Alyson Stanfield's book and workshops, and my own lazy brain.

So I will forgive myself for not painting the requisite 100 works. It's okay. I'm not looking to excuse myself because I did agree to the challenge, just didn't pass the finish line on time.

We are all a work in progress. The Blast Off class I am taking online with Alyson is a huge help and I am working on my curriculum for the year ahead.

Painting will be regularly scheduled on the calendar of to-do list items at #1.
Reading artists bios, looking into documentaries of artists and museum visits is on the item list.

I'm already reading this great biography of Vincent van Gogh and it's been very interesting to learn how he came to paint.

And there's been knitting. Knitting socks at that. While I knit I daydream as I watch the stitches or color fly by on my needles. As I watch my brain is planning the next painting.

Not a bad start to another year of paintings. Wish me luck, again!


  1. Good luck is coming your way! Well done with all of your paintings.

    1. Thanks Ann, I sure hope I can do it next time around!

  2. I didn't get to the finish line either, Dora! My hang up was moving and all the mess that caused. you can look at it as a positive-you probably did paint more even though not the 100 you hoped for. Good luck if you go for it again!

  3. Sheryl, it was a great motivator. Hope you keep painting!


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