Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Surprise Package of Christmas Pudding

Last week I had a delightful surprise I wanted to share, but with the latest watercolor painting just finished I thought to wait until now. And anyway, I needed to actually have possession of the surprise so I could take photos and really share!

Today I received a package in the mail. Around this time of year lots of packages start arriving. Some are from online shopping I do, some are my kids' shopping. Usually I am not surprised by the mail. This time I was looking at an unexpected delivery. When I looked closer I noticed a stamp that read Royal Mail. It was then that I remembered!

A blogging/artist buddy from the United Kingdom, Pat Elliott Paintings, had a give-away on her blog recently. It was a small watercolor painting of Christmas pudding. Readers were encouraged to comment and one of them would be chosen to receive the pretty painting.

Her cute dog, Missy, chose my name as the winner by eating her dog treat, where underneath was a number corresponding to a name. Imagine my surprise when I learned I was the lucky winner! I never win anything. Isn't it cute that Pat's return address label has Missy's picture on it? It's adorable.

(You must visit Pat's blog to see her post with the photograph of Missy waiting for the go-ahead to eat a treat, and especially to view her paintings. Pat does wonderful work.)

Enclosed with the painting was a Christmas card. I think it's such a nice thing to receive mail. Mail that you must open and read is just a wonderful thing, warm and cozy, as long as it's happy mail. Email is not the same, but the times are what they are.

And so here is my prize. Until I get myself out there to get a frame my Christmas pudding painting will stand on my fireplace mantel with my holiday collection of St. Nicholas' and Santa's in it's place of honor.

Thank you Pat, for this bright spot in my day. I will now brag to everyone how I have a friend across the Pond who sent me holiday wishes with her lovely work. I am humbled by Christmas pudding.


  1. Dora, I'm thrilled it arrived before Christmas!
    It was a pleasure to send it to you with our very best wishes . I hope it makes you smile for many years to come xx

  2. Beautiful, love pats work and her blog as well!

  3. Ladies, Pat's little painting brightens up my room and my mood when I see it.

    Pat, I do smile every time I look at it, not only because it's adorable, but because I can tell it was made with love. I'm so happy I won it! Thank you, and Missy.

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  5. Replies
    1. Hello and thanks for dropping in to comment!


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