Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Beat Resistance: The Timer Is My Friend

©2011 Dora Sislian Themelis

Here is the last of the sunflower photographs I took during the vegetable share season. It's kind of Vincent van Gogh-ish. When I get a chance to buy larger watercolor paper I will be painting from this photo. Did you see I said "when." And "when" will that be?

I could see these sunflowers in oils, too. The oil paints have sat for so long I can't even think about getting them out and painting with them. Yeah, I know, I need a bit of time to look them over, set them up around the palette, but then there's the medium to deal with, a large enough canvas to work on. These are the distractions that stop me in my tracks.

Maybe I will do a small and quick twenty minute watercolor? Well, let's see where it goes.

These are the things I grapple with during my day. The road blocks are my own. Mr. Resistance can wreak havoc on plans.

Watercolor paints are so easy to get out, paint, clean up, and put away. The oils are out, the painting sits wet for days, the air needs to be well ventilated because of the chemicals in the paints and the medium. Unless I sketch quick with plenty of turpentine so the paints dry faster, this could take time.

Do people still use turpentine any more? That's how long I haven't painted in oils, don't tell on me.

Am I making excuses not to paint at all? Gee, let's see: no watercolor paper large enough, the oils are a pain, I might not have enough time to paint. Sound familiar? Resistance is stepping out into view here.

Now we are on the verge of December, and all that comes with the holidays. How can painting be a priority if there are so many other things to get done?

The thought running through my head right now is this: The timer is my friend. The timer is my friend.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you paint this Dora. You paint great sunflowers!

  2. Pat, there's just something about these sunflowers that is irresistible.


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