Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Painting is Electric Energy

Another day, another painting start
What is it about painting that gets the electricity going? If I could feel like I did after starting this latest watercolor, I would bottle it and drink it every day to keep that momentum going. It is so weird.

After pulling the peach at the beach painting off the watercolor block, I hunted around for the next subject. It could take forever if I didn't start something new immediately, and then I'd be arguing with Mr. Resistance again. You know he'd win, too, right?

Remembering the vacation we took a couple of summers ago out on the east end of Long Island, and some of the great photos I took there, I hunted them up yesterday. Of course, I had a different computer then, which crashed. The photos are in it. No worries, I looked for them here on the blog and started in.

It's a nice, calm scene at Cooper's Farm. I like the tractor. Okay. Something about painting just gave me a jolt that lasted into the evening. I kept thinking about it, and planning my next session wishing I could paint again at around 11PM last night. I mean, I could, but people are around and the painting is sitting in the dining room, not the studio.

Whatever. The feeling is still with me now as I write this. Today is an outside, running around day, so painting will have to wait until I return.

Funny how I decided I needed to try to work from photos rather than life, and now that's all I'm doing. Is it like I'm on a kick or what? Also funny that I have a couple of different gourds from the vegetable share and I completely forgot about painting them. Totally out of my head.

Maybe I will have to also break with my tradition of working on one painting at a time to go ahead and paint those gourds on another block of paper? Ya think? Gee, what a concept!

Sometimes I knock myself out. Whack.


  1. Boy, this sounds familiar. I feel the exact same way sometimes when it comes to figuring out my next beading project (see my 10/31 blog post). I love the little blue tractor and look forward to seeing your completed painting.

  2. Thanks so much for the comment! Some how I have to keep moving or it's all downhill from there, nothing gets done. Nice to know other people have the same problems!