Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Art is Loved

When I signed onto the vegetable CSA for the season I planned to receive flowers and eggs as well as the fruits and vegetables they offered. It's been interesting to see the different produce I brought home. Some things I never saw before and never want to see again, to be really honest. Let's say it's been an experience.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the flowers. Those sunflowers had an effect on me from the start. I liked the jaunty way they sat in my vase and I just had to photograph them. The life of fresh flowers is fleeting, so to preserve their beauty I had to take photos. Did I think I would paint them? Yeah, the idea came across. Did I think I would be enamored of sunflowers? Nope.

SOLD Sunflowers Outside ©2011 Dora Sislian Themelis

This painting was the first of the bunch and it was memorable because I painted it in great weather in my backyard garden. It just happened to be a beautiful day with painting happening.

At the end of the summer I added it to my portfolio of work that I brought to the workshop I attended. Did I think it would be purchased during that weekend? Not at all, but that's exactly what happened, as I said in the post about the workshop. Crazy.

Me, my painting, and happy new owner Grace!

Grace, my table-mate fell in love with my painting and had to have it (her words)! Of course I sold it to her, and we took photographs of the moment. It was a lot of fun. (By the way, Grace makes beautiful pottery and owns her own pottery studio The Potter's Wheel. Visit her site and Etsy shop when you can.)

Sunflowers Outside hanging in Grace's home

Just this week Grace posted to Facebook a photograph of the newly matted, framed and hung painting in it's place of honor in her home. It was a wonderful feeling to know that painting is loved by someone other than me, it's maker. Doesn't it look happy? I think it does. And so am I.


  1. I'm not surprised your friend bought your painting, it's wonderful and looks great framed. I feel it is like passing an exam or something when somebody buys my work so congratulations and may you sell many more.

  2. Thank you Ann. It was a thrill, and even more so that she cared to share how it looks all gussied up on display!

  3. Its absolutely the best feeling to know someone loves your art so much they want it hanging in their home. Such a feeling of pride and happiness - and I'm thrilled for you that you have that experience too :) xx

  4. Pat, you are so right. When she said she had to have it I wasn't sure what she meant at first. It was great!

  5. Your paintings are great!! Love them. I have become a follower so I can watch your work.


  6. Welcome Faye, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

  7. Hi,Dora,
    Very happy for you. Your painting has a wonderful step mom!!!

  8. Thank you for commenting Sadami! I am glad you are feeling well enough to drop in on me here!


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