Sunday, October 30, 2011

Don't Prolong the Process

Peach at the Beach with Two Shells, 14x20 Watercolor
©2011 Dora Sislian Themelis
If I continue painting on this work I am going to trash it! I am done, done, done! Finished! Telios! C'est Finis! This was the end of the road for the peach at the beach.

I worked on this for the allotted twenty minutes today, let it dry, then started to dig in with some details. What a mistake that was. There is just so much I could do to show these items were sitting on the sand. How do you really make sand look like sand? It isn't easy, and things could get dicey. Again.

I am done with this! Yeah!
Using a really small brush, I began to paint in some dark shadows in the sand and that's where the trouble started. I had to stop myself before ruining this painting.

Overall, the result of the process came off as I wanted it to. The peach pops, as well as the shells. Eh, the sand shadows are passable. It just had to be over. I didn't want to prolong the torture any longer.

As soon as this is completely dry I am going to free it from the watercolor block and put it away. #37 in the 100 paintings challenge is finished.



  1. Looks good Dora - definitely not over worked. Just fab! xx

  2. Thanks a lot Pat. I have to be careful not to keep going sometimes.


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