Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something New While I Wait

Don't you just love those days when you have to stay home and wait for repair people? Yeah, love it. Not really, except when it's a must you need to have all your projects in order so they can have some attention. Once in a while you can peek in on the repair guy and see the progress, otherwise let them do their work.

My area of New York had ten inches of water in a couple of hours this week. People are pumping out their basements and the like. We had a leak in our living room ceiling, but that's not what the repair guy came to fix. I found a mysterious leak from one of our bathroom faucets which was causing havoc in our wall. Let me say it was not pretty.

Today was the day of the plumbers. If the weather was beautiful, which it isn't, I would not be happy, but it's not so I didn't mind being here for the repair. Perfect opportunity to work on my stuff.

I took some photos a while back of cut up peppers, if you might remember. One of the photos was calling me so I decided to paint it. I liked the mood, the darks against light, the composition, and knew I could play with color. 

I had to remind myself to stop after twenty minutes so I wouldn't ruin the work. It's not easy to stop once you have momentum going. My brain goes on autopilot and I could almost not see anything, think or hear anything. 

When I stopped I tried to also remember to take a snap of the work to show the progression. I have found the photographs to be helpful in slowing me down, and I can see my work better.

I'm still working on this. The last photo is not the finished piece. I added more detail, more color and blending, but it's not finished. Yet, anyway.


  1. It's coming along nicely - hope you post the finished piece.

  2. Love the progression! Looking forward to seeing the final work :) xx


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