Monday, August 1, 2011

Just a Distraction

Rather than paint I got myself involved in jewelry for a couple of days. I needed to distract myself for a while and had wanted to try making knotted bracelets. Many of us in the Greek culture wear a similar style bracelet called Monk's Knots, supposedly made by monks with black cord, beads, and prayers. 

I've seen these in fancy stores made with semi-precious stones and other high end beads. I figure, why not try my hand at it? With some inexpensive materials I had at hand, here is my knotted bracelet. I used glass beads and hemp cord. Not bad for a first time.

I enjoyed myself that day. The next I was rolling along, doing my thing, errands and what-not and look what happens..

Let's just say I hate taking my empty bottles to the recycling thingy, because look what can happen while there. Is glass known to bounce and jump? I watched a bottle jump out of my bag and break on the ground at my feet. Next thing I see my hand full of blood. How, why, what I can't remember! Never saw it happen.

No knotting, no painting, no nothing after that. Ouch.


  1. Oh, poor Dora...
    Are you ok? Hope you did not get hurt too much. Please take it easy and relax. Thank you so managed to type out the kind message for me with these hands. Please, please take care.
    Best regards,Sadami

  2. What a great first attempt with the beads, they look really lovely. Sorry about your finger though, darned bottles!

  3. Ouch! Well, at least you were able to get something done before getting hurt :) Gloves could be in order for your next trip to the recycling station!

  4. Most of the pain is gone, but my finger is still bandaged for fear of banging it somewhere and causing more trouble, like infection. It won't keep me down for long. Thanks all!


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