Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Finished When My Brain Says STOP

Yesterday afternoon, after the plumbers had left me with their bit of a mess, after I cleaned up their mess, put my things away, straightened out the areas they were in, I finished the watercolor painting I was working on.

I went back to it, but something inside me said This Is Done, STOP! So I signed it and declared it finished. So here it is. The top photo was taken yesterday at about 4PM. The bottom photo I took this morning by 9AM. The light of day seems to have changed the colors: the top is warmer, the bottom is cooler toned.

Pepper Stem (c)2011 Dora Sislian Themelis
12x16 Watercolor on Lanaquarell
Either way I am pleased with this painting. I have been using watercolors for some time now and I don't think I am using them in the traditional way. The books I've looked at seem to manipulate the paints different than I am. Maybe we all have our own way of getting paint on the surface in a pleasing manner.

Whatever works for you, do it. Must there be only one way to paint with whatever medium? I think not.


  1. Hi,Dora,
    I like this work. Congrats! Yes, I agree with you regarding style & media. Work on your style!


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