Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cut Finger, or Not I'm Painting Today

Like I said, I have to paint whether this bandaged finger is in my way or not. Maybe it's the summer time, but I just don't feel like doing anything important around here. Who wants to do inside things when the weather is so nice outside?

I do have some things I need to get done, but painting has to come first. Too many days without painting, even the distraction of other creative pursuits, and I get itchy.

This is the last of the sunflower photos and I took my paints out in the garden to paint them. I decided to take a different look with this piece and try to be a little looser with it. I did draw in the composition, but tried using more brush strokes and color changes.

Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn't. I had to stop before I made mud out of it. I thought I used a little too much water than color. Some how taking the photo of the painting is helping me to see it better. I'm pleased with what I see here rather than the actual work. Maybe it's just me.

It's not finished. Another session and it may be done. Now that I've painted I think I can go do the things I've been putting off. My artist brain hates to do accounting stuff.


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