Friday, July 8, 2011

Photos for Friday-Veggie Haul

Take a look at my haul from the farm share this week. Plenty of stuff that I don't know what to do with and that I don't even know what they are. That's going to be fun. Ok, I'm not that dense, some things I know, but I think Google will be busy as I hunt for recipes. What do you do with kohlrabi? Oh, that's the weird alien looking thing with the beautiful sunflowers in this last photo.

Vegetables aside, the inspiration I got from photographing these things was invaluable. I took photo after photo in hopes of future paintings coming out of it. Yes, from photographs. I am in it to win it. Wish me luck!


  1. The pics look fabulous. Good luck with the paintings.
    I find the BBC Good Food recipe site is pretty good .. good luck with hunting for recipes also ! xx

  2. You don't need luck, you have talent! Great haul.

  3. Thanks for the idea For a food site, Pat!

  4. Wax Beach Artist-thanks for the huge compliment!


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