Monday, July 18, 2011

The Ocean and the View

What else do you do at the beach besides enjoy the great weather, the salty air and the cool ocean? Well, I'm sorry right up front if I offend anyone, but the beach is great for "people watching." People do all manner of thing while at the beach and have no qualms about any of it.

I don't know for sure, but it seems they think they are at home all alone. Are they oblivious to the fact that hundreds of eyes are looking up from beach chairs, blankets, towels, all in the general direction of the ocean? Yet these people stand up and do their "thing" in that vista. Maybe that's the idea? Go figure.

Leave it to me to whip out my camera. These pics are not the racy part, these people were going at it for longer than necessary. Can't they put on their own sun lotion? I mean, these are adults! Ok, do my back, but leave me to my own pretty private areas, thanks. No. These guys got lotion on parts that bordered on exhibitionism, standing no less. Oy.

Um can you get lotion in that spot under my bottom?

Why don't I stand up so everyone can see my tattoos too.

How many pics could I take? It was getting really hard to look out to the waves with these people here. And the tatoos! And the belly rings! And the piercings! Yes, a lot to see out there on the beach.

After a long hard day of watching all the going's-on we headed back home. But before we did we decided to have dinner at the town of Pt. Lookout Clam Bar. Very casual, order at the window and they call your number for you to pick up. 

Pt. Lookout Clam Bar order window line

The seating area and the beautiful blue sky

The place was busy with beach goers as well as residents. Cars cannot park on the streets near the restaurant areas so there is valet parking which was hopping, but we easily found a nice table and got our dinners quickly. 

Steamers, fish and icy beer

See how casual this place is? Paper plates, plastic forks, you go get your own tartar sauces and such, but every bite was delicious and fresh. I shared the fisherman's platter with my mom, Son#2 had steamers, and The Mr. went for grilled monkfish. And the beers were icy cold. What else can you ask for?

On the way home we hit traffic. What else is new in New York? It was stop and go, creep along traffic. So a guy from the car next to us jumps out of it and runs to the grassy, reed filled shoulder. Everyone in their own car is watching where he is going. He was a passenger, not a driver thank goodness. What does he do? He was using the shoulder as a men's room! In plain sight! He didn't even hide in the reeds! 

He had to be drunk, who does that? Well I leaned over and started beeping the horn, others are throwing their hands up in astonishment, the whole traffic is watching him and looking at the other cars, he's laughing like it's nothing. In all this hoohah I forgot I had a camera. Well, maybe it was better off I didn't take this dopey guy's picture.

The bay view on the road back to Long Island


  1. Great post, Dora- these photos are why I miss the beach on Long Island. Nobody is like the New Yorker! My husband saw a girl run from her car and squat during rush hour on the Belt Parkway!

  2. OMG Sheryl, people are crazy!


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