Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer in New York City

Zipping along 5th Avenue in NYC
Yesterday was my last day on the job. The babysitting job that is. Gorgeous is a teacher and she's finished for the year. To celebrate we took a ride into NYC to shop at Bergdorf-Goodman on 5th Avenue. Manhattan is always a treat. Something or other is happening at every turn so you just never know what kind of adventure you might have on a visit.

Gorgeous, with Mushy in her stroller, my sister and I enjoyed a lovely day. Window shopping, real shopping, browsing, people watching, eating, laughing, and being stuck in the usual traffic was all fun.

 Central Park

Rats near the Plaza Hotel

Watching tourists on a bus at 57th Street and 6th Avenue
while we had dinner outside
Do you know what they sell at Bergdorf's? All kinds of high end designer duds. Name your shoe designer, they have it. You want Christian Louboutin? Got it. Manolo Blahnik? Yup. Dior, Chanel, any others? Yessirree. Can you say "butterrr"? Uh huh. Say it the NY way-Buttttaaaaa. Can you recall "Sex and the City"? Yeah.

This time only one of us bit. Last time we all bit and hard. But let me tell you, there's nothing like putting on a shoe that feels like butter. This is going to be an annual thing, I can tell! It was too much fun to skip.
What a way to teach the little one about retail therapy, right? At least there were sales.

To top it all off, today is the third wedding anniversary of Son#1 and Gorgeous. May they have many years of wedded bliss ahead, with health, happiness and love.

My Pop always liked to sing us the appropriate Frank Sinatra song at various events so here's his favorite at such times: The Best is Yet to Come.


  1. Love these photos, salivated over the fruits and vegetables from the previous post and laughed at your story about your first watercolor class.

    P. S. You did a good job teaching yourself how to use watercolors.

  2. Well thank you so much Candy, for dropping in to comment! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with my escapades, hahaha!


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