Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Long Weekend is Finally Over

Finally, the big, fat Greek festival is over and my job is done. Now I can breathe. Can you just pinch these little kids' cheeks? These are my Greek dance students. They were so amazing, cute and worked really hard to pull off their year end performance of traditional Greek dancing. Look how proud they are. It is really hard to remember which foot is left and which is right!

The flea market was a success and all the people who worked with me and my co-chair really knocked themselves out trying to hawk our wares. Customers would ask us for a price and if they didn't like it some would just walk away, others would look at me in disbelief (at .50!) and others didn't mind a fun haggle.

If I had the idea they really wanted a thing, but would jump at a haggle I would say "Make me an offer and if I like your number I could say OK." Then we would play a back and forth with numbers and when I'd say Yes! we'd all laugh and smile. Then I'd say "Wasn't that a lot of fun?" Smiles all around!

Believe it or not, we have yearly customers. Some have purchased from us and we had fun in the sale, they return year after year like old friends. Then we have the crazy customers that return year after year. Those people want to take home bags of items for .10. Give me a break already. And they tell us their tales of woe. Hey, we all have a story, just pay the $1.00 and get going!

Late on Sunday we hold a bag sale. Whatever anyone can fit in the paper supermarket bag is $5.00. You'd be amazed at what people put in that bag and are thrilled to pay at the checkout. All manner of item is in that bag and it's fun to watch the customers swarming with their bags.

I had my fun and now the weekend is over, thank goodness. Now I can get back to painting.


  1. I do hope you're going to paint a pic of those darling children dancing, Dora. Wouldn't that be fab? :)

  2. Oh Pat, i don't know about that. I finished the painting I was working on with the figures, from a photo, and I don't think it's a good idea to do that again! I'll post it tomorrow, if my stomach can take it.


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