Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo for Friday

Chugging along on the latest watercolor painting and I see some darks creeping in in places. Well, something has to happen in between the figures. It can't all be light, airy and flowery. I may lighten up the space from mid paper and up. I thought I would make believe the people were dancing outside somewhere, but I might practice what I'm planning on another paper.

I added values and skin tones while trying to give the figures some grounding or they will float. What else can I say? It doesn't look like this is going to be a fun, free wheeling painting. Maybe trees and sky in the background will make it look more "fun"?

Whatever happens, happens. And that's that.


  1. How about some party banners, lanterns or lights? That might be just what you need, lol, or not. I hate doing commissions even with a photo. I don't envy you, it's hard work and you never know what the client is going to say. I like what you have done so far. I really like the guy right in front of the musician. He is snapping his fingers and getting into it! Connie :)

  2. I think it is looking good, Dora- you did a great job with all the proportions, too! I like the way things are loose at the bottom, but I also like waxbeach's idea of party lanterns or something. Not a heavy background, just maybe a hint. You are doing great!

  3. Thanks for the ideas ladies! Connie I think lights would do it, like an outside party. Sheryl, a light background sounds right too. The idea of trees but hazy. I'm going to sketch something in and see how it goes.


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