Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Long Weekend Begins, Again

Today begins the longest weekend in history, for me at least. A year has passed and it's time once again for our church to host their big Greek festival. That means I will be spending my free time, that which it is, setting up the huge flea market. For that I am extending to all of you my apologies for possible spotty posts, posts of all the items both next to new, vintage, and junk, posts about the ensuing madness, posts devoid of art. Mea culpa.

Actually, the madness began yesterday. Every year we sell so much stuff parishioners donate and now there's more stuff. Where does it all come from? Where do people keep it all? What constitutes a valuable item or garbage? One's garbage is another one's treasure as they say.

Amid the junk we have found beautiful and valuable items. It's fun to see people light up with glee when they find a thing they love in all that heap. People have fought over the stuff, I'm not kidding.

We who work the flea market look at it like a task on Donald Trump's TV show The Apprenctice. We have a task and we see how well we execute it, solve problems, manage the workers. Last year we managed to bring in big numbers and we are planning to do the same or, hopefully, surpass last year.

It's a big job, but somebody has to do. Watch for updates from the junk heap right here.
(If I can I will post a photo of the gym-sized room of stuff later.)


  1. Make sure you have that camera along for some candids that could make interesting paintings :)

  2. Great idea Carol! Now, if only I could remember to get my camera out and take a few photos I'd be good!


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