Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art Speak and All

Rainy Day #3 is well underway, yet again. No time to paint today either. I am shooting for some sort of Artist Date tomorrow and I hope it's not as soggy as today.

I have been cleaning up my bio and artist statement, so all is not for naught. I had an interesting offer the other day and, you know what I say, the operative word is Yes. So Yes, yet again. Now I need to submit my bio and artist statement, and a link to some samples of my work.

I already had an artist statement and a bio, but I think it needed to be clearer. I am very good at artist speak and that could make someone walk away and say "What did she just say?" yes, I am good at that kind of art language.

Once, a while ago, someone asked me why I hadn't stretched my huge oil painting on stretcher bars after it was finished. I painted the 5x8 foot work on my basement floor and needed to get it out of the house, so no stretcher bars. Well, in answer to his question I started by saying, "Esthetically..." and this guy flipped out. "Oh don't start with the art speak on me now" he said. So yeah, I can do that well.

I better get back to it and finish up. I could add some whacky thing and mess it up with that art language. It has to be clear, English words anyone can understand. Wish me luck.

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