Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo for Friday

These are traditional Easter bread called Tsoureki in Greek, or Choreg in Armenian, which are sweet like brioche and decorated with red dyed eggs. I baked some twists, rounds, and a couple in a Byzantine cross design my grandmother used to make. 

This year Orthodox Easter coincides with the Catholic calendar. For the Orthodox to celebrate the holiday it must be the same time as Passover because the Bible says Jesus was also celebrating that week.

We greet each other in church with Kali Anastasi, which means: anticipate a good resurrection.
After midnight services Holy Saturday in the Greek Orthodox church we exclaim Christos Anesti! Which translated means Christ is Risen. In Armenian we say Kristos harryev ee merrolotz!

I hope everyone enjoys a blessed Easter and sweet Passover.


  1. Dear Dora,
    You're an amazing mom, a genious of cooking!! (*I boast "I can open up cans!")
    Happy Easter!!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Thank you! I try my best to do what I can. Holidays are so busy!


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