Monday, March 28, 2011

I Marched.. Now Back to Monday

On Sunday I had my fun day on New York City's 5th Avenue marching in the parade. This dress is from the Greek nomads known as the Sarakatsani. I like this costume because it's very different than many others, and there are plenty of layers to ward off some of the cold.

And man, was it cold!  The Greek Independence Day Parade saw sunny, but cold and windy weather as the backdrop. Painfully cold! As our group waited to step off 64th Street to march we had to endure an hour of side street winds. The little kids were so cold their teeth were chattering, their bodies were shivering and every time a strong wind blew they screamed. So did the adults. Thankfully the sun was shining on the avenue. Marching was ten times better than standing in one place waiting.

The Evones marched in formation, tall and strong, at the start of the parade. The National Guards of Greece are amazing to see in Athens when they perform the changing of the guards, but to see them out of their element here in NYC was great. I was able to watch what I could of them because soon after that our group had to line up and be ready to go.

I was lucky to get a couple of pictures at the start and at the end of marching. My fingers were stiff from the cold and I could barely move them to hold the camera and push the button. The parade began at the Pierre Hotel on 62nd Street and extended to 80th Street, near the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we stopped to take a group photo. It was a nice walk at a good pace so it really didn't feel uncomfortable at all. If it wasn't so windy the day would have been perfect, but I was glad to march again.

And now, it's back to Monday.


  1. Great costumes! Looked fun, even if it was cold!

  2. Sheryl, some of these costumes are amazing as well as authentic! I had a great time despite the cold.

  3. Here in Philly our Parade was earlier, and I was working so I didn't get to attend or see. Lovely stoles !

  4. Thank you! The group has wonderful costumes indeed!


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